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A session can bring more clarity to see things just as they are, without the story that we tell ourselves about who we are. Any session is like an opening and chance to touch areas that usually we do not see. Discover the unbelievable strength and wisdom which we are, beyond all the stress and outside the duties that we imagine us to have. Seeing yourself and your relationship situations with clarity is the shortcut to a more blissful life.

Alona Harpaz


Since long ago, I was attracted to pay time and attention to understand people's behavior and mine as well. I could analyze people endlessly, driving myself and others crazy, until I understood something about the way they feel and about what I feel. Then I realized that behavior itself actually doesn't mean much, our behavior is not who we really are; It
is just our conditioning and underneath it lays something much more profound and deep. It immediately broke down so many prejudices and judgments I had and left me with a clear view about humanity and with a deeper understanding about human basic needs which, I figured out, are the same for everyone. This understanding was a big relief for me as it made me realize I can actually love everyone.
For many years I studied art in art schools and I couldn't let go of my studies out of fear of being left alone without any guidance the moment I would step out into the real world. When I eventually did it, life started to be very kind to me. I learned that when I follow what excites me without fear, life is good to me. It felt okay that people not always like me or show it or accept what I say or do. Then I understood that in order to do what I want I should not wait until they like me or accept me! I have to start accepting the fact that I should do it anyway…
I can't always behave in a way that satisfies everybody and it is fine to let people be disappointed or angry at me if this is what they choose. I know I love them anyway so they can always feel safe. Giving sessions and listening to people became a priority and I can definitely say that there is nothing more fascinating for me than this.


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