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Die Selbstheilung sollte bei Jedem an erster Stelle stehen.

Tom Gamal, Studio-Leiter

Massage bei Rodrigo

Die Art der Massage und besondere Wünsche werden im Vorgespräch gemeinsam geklärt.

Rodrigo Ambrogio

I am a Berlin-based masseur and musician born in Argentina. 

The massages I offer range from strong deep-tissue to pleasurable relaxing massages.
I work with a warm and human approach as I believe that a massage isn’t just physical work. It can help reconnect the body as a whole (body, mind and emotions) and can be a moving experience of conscious touch. 


During the massage I focus on softening muscles, opening energy channels and releasing tensions. Before we start the massage we will have a conversation about your particular needs, how I work and what you can expect.

I started learning this profession in 2009, when I studied Acupressure as a complement to my Tai Chi Chuan formation. The impact that learning this technique had in my life inspired me to train in a variety of massage styles ranging from Reiki and relaxing massage to deep tissue, sports massage, lymph drainage and joint mobilisation. Even though I have some preferences, I am not fixed to certain movements, methods or philosophies. This allows me to flexibilize my practice for different personal needs.
My current perspective of “Therapy” is also inspired by my own personal therapeutic work through Psychoanalysis, Meditation, Yoga and Music.

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