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Tom Gamal, Studio-Leiter

Massage bei Rodrigo

Die Art der Massage und besondere Wünsche werden im Vorgespräch gemeinsam geklärt.

Rodrigo Ambrogio

I'm Rodrigo. A 32 year old Argentinian, Musician and Masseur.

I strongly believe in the body's natural self-restoring processes and I find massage therapy as one powerful way of promoting that restoration.

I originally based my technique on acupressure, but nowadays I use a variety of methods and techniques to give my clients a pleasurable and holistic experience. Reconnecting the body as a whole (body, mind, emotions and energy merged) ultimately leads to a better well-being.




I arrived in Berlin in 2019 with the goal of developing my profession. Not long after, I met Tom Gamal in his beautiful shelter, the Natural Balance Massage Studio, where I received intensive training on his Yellow Dragon Massage technique. We have been working together since then.


I have a very warm and human approach. My massage is a Deep Tissue and Relaxing Massage in which the blockages are softened, the energy channels are opened and the mind is calmed. I think it is important to have a conversation about which type of massage you prefer, finding the style that fits you best. My goal is to provide a pleasant experience that will also work on relaxing your tensions.

This process that reconnects your body "as a whole" leads to a bigger consciousness of your movements and an improvement of everyday-life.


About my techniques:

My foundational basis was Acupressure, a technique I learned in 2009 as a complement of my Tai Chi Chuan formation. After the huge impact that this technique had in my life, I was moved to assist in various massage courses that helped me learn other different styles. 12 years later, I still consider my method as a growing and learning process that nowadays also includes Relaxing and Sport Massage, Reiki, Lymph Drainage and Tom's Yellow Dragon Massage. In my current approach, the focus is to open energy channels, find pleasure through relaxation and work with the customer towards a holistic wellbeing (the body as a whole, the person enjoying a more pleasurable life). This perspective is very likely a consequence of my own personal work in therapies as well as explorations in Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga, Theater and Music.