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Die Selbstheilung sollte bei Jedem an erster Stelle stehen.

Tom Gamal, Studio-Leiter

Massage bei Tatiana

Die Art der Massage und besondere Wünsche werden im Vorgespräch gemeinsam geklärt.

Tatiana Gurries

Namaste Beloved, May your heart stay as light as a feather. 

My name is Tatiana Gurries and my start in the therapeutic arts came from an early age with a fiery curiosity towards the functions, creations, and imaginations of the human body and psyche and its place in a society well against its own nature. It was with this mindset where I naively thought I could make an impact by diving into the healthcare system of the West.  I established myself in the Apothecary Industry for 6+ years where I became first hand witness to countless examples of the sick getting sicker. Although, I do believe it still has its place, it became evident that the perpetual pain inflicted by the health care system in America was not a substantial practice I could be further passionate about. With a deep calling to be an advocate for true healing and embodied expression, I found the therapeutic art and science of massage. I have now dedicated my life’s work to the discovery and application of this and various other healing modalities.

  My ability to strive, gain, and apply the deeper understanding of the various applications, known and practiced by all our ancestors from both the Eastern and Western traditions,  has given me the ability to target tensions in the body even more specifically. I aid to guide these blocks, knots, patterns, and programs towards cleansing and clearing of their manifestations. This includes an approach that integrates the mind, body, and spirit so that balance and harmony can once again arrive and become the centerfold of each session.   

 It is an honor and a privilege to continue to elaborate on such wisdom known previously throughout the ages and be able to bring it forward with those I come in contact with throughout my practice. I use my knowledge gained from 2+ years in India and my extensive Licensure education in Phoenix, Arizona to bring a dynamic fusion of therapy that makes for a more Holistic and deeply penetrating approach from the moment we make first contact. I look forward to  working with and aiding you in your Own journey towards Awareness, Attunement, and Alignment.

With Deepest Gratitude. 

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