Die Selbstheilung sollte bei Jedem

 an erster Stelle stehen.

Tom Gamal, Studio-Leiter



The practice of standing on the bed of nails 

closing of the bones ritual

Aya Ekaterina Filyakina 



My name is Aya and I work with body and states. 


The core reason for all my services is healing. 


And I consider healing a process of attaining integrity of each human being.


You have an opportunity to experience different types of massage and individual mix of various techniques: classic, breuss massage, hawaiian lomi-lomi, essential therapy, rebozo massage, pravki (an old slavik technique of abdominal massage).


Restoring energy circulation in the body and deep relaxation are clients’ most often requests.


Keywords for my massage style: attentive and filled with love. 



• Applying CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) essential oils. (CPTG essential oil ≠ synthetic aroma oils!)


• Avoiding breaking through pain and don't do sport and anti-cellulite massages


• In studio and on call.


• No erotic massage. 


During therapy, I do not build on the technique, but on the request. The same technique can be various in its effects. A classic massage can either relax or revive you. So I listen carefully to the body and speak with it. The next movement is never calculated beforehand, leaving no fear for me to mix the techniques, guided by the present moment.