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Astrology is a objective view on subjective perspective


- Yourself

- Your problem

- Difficult period

- The future

- Relationship

- Career

- Your place in the world

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Astrological consultation


🙂 Yourself: your strengths and weaknesses, hidden talents, life mission and your place in the world.

👉 Your problem: work, relationship, finances, difficult choice, etc. We’ll diagnose the situation and find a solution.

🗓 Difficult period: its nature, duration, turning points and a strategy for behaviour during this period.

🔮 The future: the key trends, possible events and their timing to prepare for crises and to not miss opportunities.

❤️ Relationship: determine the dynamics of the relationship, areas of compatibility and points of friction. Maybe we will understand the karmic mission of your relationship.

Gain clarity

Astrological information will help broaden your understanding of the situation, highlight blind spots, and understand what needs to be done. If you’re on the right track, we deepen your understanding. We validate your actions from the perspective of an external symbolic system, so you are sure that you’re doing everything right.


Work on issue

If you want not only to receive information but also to work through a request. We’ll diagnose the situation based on your natal chart, find the correct tools to solve the issue and guide your through that process. For that we combine astrology with polymodal psychology and magic. Working on requests usually takes a series of consultations. In such cases, we offer discounts for 3 or more consultations in a row.

About the astrologer

Alexander Nedoboy (☉♐︎ /☽♍︎ /Asc♌︎)

A practising astrologer. Consults people, writes articles, conducts workshops, and Astro circles. In his practice, he combines multiple astrological systems with polymodal psychology methods to address the diversity of tasks and clients’ needs.

A proponent of humanistic astrology, with a focus on realizing one’s potential and engaging in constructive work, even with the most challenging aspects. A student of the Humanistic School “A Human Being Among People.”

Founder of Sagiplutarium

Sagiplutarium is a space for self-discovery. There you can get astrological support, begin a journey of guided self-discovery, read articles and study astrology & magic.

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