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Die Selbstheilung sollte bei Jedem an erster Stelle stehen.

Tom Gamal, Studio-Leiter

Massage bei Žaneta

Die Art der Massage und besondere Wünsche werden im Vorgespräch gemeinsam geklärt.


Professionally trained in Bali, with 5 years of experience, I fuse the Balinese massage technique with energy work and ceremonial atmosphere. With the use of colour light, enchanting sounds, smell and my singing voice, I take you on a unique exploration of all senses. I am fully present in every moment, completely immersed, because only absolute devotion to the connection allows me to create a truly holistic healing experience. My massage is a journey, a ceremony honoring the connection between body, mind and spirit. I would be grateful if you join me on it.


“Žaneta’s massage puts me in a deep sense of relaxation and has been an incredible space of healing for me. Not only is the massage extremely relaxing to the muscles but also penetrates on an emotional level, supporting me to heal from emotional exhaustion and heartbreak.”



Balinese Massage


Balinese massage technique is a unique, flowy and deeply touching full body massage, which lets you experience true waves of pleasure. It combines deep tissue with gentler stretches and strokes, acupressure and aromatherapy. It offers great relief and release of tension, stimulates blood and oxygen flow and induces a state of deep relaxation.



Hot Stone Massage


As an addition to the Balinese massage technique, I offer the Hot Stone massage. Stone massages and practices involving the placement of objects of different temperatures have been dated back to ancient civilisations as a form of healing and therapy. In this massage I use warmed (~ 50-60°C) volcanic stones in order to increase areas of blood flow in the body and provide a warm healing experience.

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